Dlamini-Zuma Worried About Poverty

During a “gala” event, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma gave her recommendations on radical economic transformation.

The event was at a “funeral indaba” in Durban, and she called on funeral entrepreneurs to support radical economic transformation as the policy would be to their advantage.

Her problem is entrepreneurs do not have access to policy underwriting, and she went on to report that radical economic transformation addresses the ground issue, which is an important part of the funeral industry!

According to her, nobody wants to remove black Africans from poverty.

Political analysts ask whose fault it is that 23 years after apartheid blacks are still living in poverty. There is also the question of how a funeral indaba is held and complains that there are no black casket manufacturers.

Carl Niehaus is also “called” and apparently now part of her campaign to become president of the ANC and the country.



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