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DJ Mobi Dixon Gives South Africans The Scoop On His Traditional Ceremony And International Remix!

This year South African DJ Mobi Dixon won a Metro FM award and had a baby with his long-time girlfriend (who prefers not to be named).

Now Mobi has confirmed to The Juice that he got married this past weekend and plans to release a remix of American RnB singer Maxwell’s song Lake By the Ocean and a documentary, soon.

Here’s The Juice’s telephonic chat with Mobi Dixon:

Can you confirm to us that you got married this past weekend?

Yes I did. Well sort of it, was a traditional ceremony. So there are still other ceremonies that will follow.

Can you also tell us more about your remix of Maxwell’s song Lake By the Ocean?

Yes I finished the remix a few weeks ago, but there are still some T’s to cross and I’s to dot. I also just released a remix of a song by Davido. (The song is called How Long.)

Listen to that remix here:

So when will the remix of Maxwell’s song be out?

In the next few weeks, whenever those details are finalised.

And can you tell us more about your documentary?

That will also be released soon to mark my 10 years in the industry.

Are you planning to go on honeymoon soon?

Well, not yet, there are still a lot of steps to follow in terms of our tradition. So this is just one of the first steps.


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