DJ Black Coffee explains why he chose not to work with Jay Z

Black Coffee

Dj Black Coffee is arguably one of the most sought after artists in the continent. When he is not busy rubbing shoulders with the who is who in the entertainment industry he is a doting father and husband to his beautiful family.

Dj Black Coffee has had the opportunity of working with the industries heavy weight ,including the likes of Alicia Keys and P.Diddy.

He recently talked about why he choose not to work with Jay Z  by stating that he felt overwhelmed by the thought of working with the global mega star.

“Most of the time I forget I’m Black Coffee, and that works against me a lot.”

That explains why this international star felt overwhelmed at the prospect of working with Jay-Z.

Referring to his recent interview on Metro FM’s Fresh Breakfast show last Friday, Black Coffee shed some light on why he was unable to work on a collaboration with the rap legend on his latest album.

“I got a call from (hip hop producer and Alicia Keys’ husband) Swizz Beatz. I was in Milan at the time. He said, ‘Look man, I need a song urgently.’

“We exchange songs a lot. I said: ‘For who?’ He said: ‘For Jay’s album.’ I’m like: ‘Jay? Who’s Jay?’ He continued to say: ‘Jay needs your vibe. We need to hook up and do a song.’

“It turned out Jay is Jay Z.”

Black Coffee said he was “freaked out” at the request, but although he was humbled and excited at the same time, it was too overwhelming for him and he felt he couldn’t do it.

“I was like, ‘I’m gonna do something’ but I couldn’t. I was excited but I could not sit down and do a song for Jay Z and I didn’t do it because it was such a big thing for me. I didn’t even know where to begin. I just wasn’t ready.”

He said these are some of the battles he chooses not to talk about most of the time because people only see the victory, the success. They don’t see the struggles the artist faces.

“People see all the good, all the great things that we do. Out of 10, we win five, we lose five, that’s how it works. People say everything you touch turns to gold. They don’t know about the 10 that we lose.”

Still on the Jay Z collaboration, Black Coffee also touched on how people need to be responsible on social media and think of the consequences and how their actions can tarnish someone’s reputation.

“I spoke about this on radio (Fresh Breakfast) and that’s why I’m speaking about it now. When I speak about things, they get turned around. There’s a headline on Twitter that says ‘Black Coffee turned down Jay-Z’. I had to respond to the tweet and say, ‘No, that’s not true’, because what that does is it’s gonna get to his TL (timeline) and I’m this guy in Africa who is telling lies about him (Jay Z).”


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