Dissatisfied ANC Members Stand To Fight Conference Outcome

The court dispute between dissatisfied Limpopo African National Congress (ANC) members and the party is still on as the group plans to bring another application to challenge the result of the provincial conference.

An attempt to halt the gathering at the weekend, which saw Stan Mathabatha being re-elected as the provincial chair, was dismissed with costs in the High Court in Johannesburg.

The group claims that the process leading up to the elective conference was marred by irregularities.

The dismissal of the urgent application to interdict the ANC’s Limpopo elective conference, may have been a temporary victory for the party.

Disgruntled ANC members plan to challenge the outcome of the conference.

During their application to try and interdict this weekend’s gathering, advocate Dali Mpofu told the court that the ANC has flouted its own constitution by pushing ahead with the conference.

“To what extent does the tint of illegality, that we all know is around the PEC, tint their own conference?”

The ANC’s Pule Mabe has questioned the motive of those who take the party to court saying it may be an attempt to collapse the organisation.

“Because these could just be agents acting to liquidate the organisation.”

The group is adamant national leaders should not have allowed the conference to go ahead.


Meanwhile, President Cyril Ramaphosa congratulated the newly elected leadership of the ANC in Limpopo.

The president commended delegates for exhibiting a disciplined front despite the legal battles hanging over the procedures of the conference.

“It will also be remiss of me not to commend the high levels of discipline and seriousness that you all as comrades displayed in the handling of this conference despite those who wanted to derail the conference.”

Ramaphosa said the significance of the conference in the ANC cannot be over-emphasized as it comes at a critical point in the life of the party.

“This conference comes at a very critical time in the life of our movement as a number of processes are underway leading us to our appointment with the democratic process that our country has to have every five years.”

Using the analogy of a choir singing in harmony, Ramaphosa took a moment to call the party to unity, pointing out the need for different leadership perspectives without descending in factionalism.

“We need a mixed leadership; a leadership that has different perspectives [and] different approaches [and] voices to be brought together to enrich the processes of the ANC, so that we can move forward with real unity and renewal.”


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