Die Antwood’s Yo-Landi Vi$$er Refutes Claims Made by Aussie Singer in Diss Track

the popular singer, Die Antwood’s Yo-Landi Vi$$er for the first time has done something she never does and addressed rumours about the band. The singer took to Instagram to rubbish claims made in a diss track by Australian singer, Zheani.

The name of the song that the fledgling artist released is titled, The Question.

In a two part post Yo-Landi, real name Anri du Toit, addressed the allegations made in the song: “5 years later this fan girl Zheani comes out with an insane story saying she was ‘trafficked out’ to africa by me (trafficking involves kidnapping btw). She also said i tortured her and put her in a satanic ritual. (just for the record me and ninja are Buddhists, we practise yoga, meditate and are vegetarian.(sic)”

She added: “i know during the 4 days ninja “dated” her, they took a nude selfie together that Zheani sent to Ninja afterwards. Ninja never posted this foto. He’s had so many girlfriends ever since and Zheani was long gone and deleted. this was 5 or 6 years ago and now she comes creeping out the woodwork, with this mental story she’s made up in her head to try launch a music career. This is a typical case of Clout Chasing (google that shit).(sic)”

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