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Denise Zimba Accused Of Bullying House Vocalist Nichume Social Media

Social media users have not spared South Africa’s popular media personality as they have accused Denise Zimba of bullying recently deceased in house vocalist, Nichume Siwundla prior to her death.

After finding out that Siwundla had passed, Twitter users immediately began the hashtag #RIPnichume before searching for any other mentions of her name.

An unidentified fan then highlighted recalling an instance in which Zimba offered up a critique about Nichume’s cover art for a single she released and called Zimba’s critique bullying.

In the tweet, which was posted in April, Zimba asked: “No disrespect to the artist BUT … For a DEBUT single, do you think that this is of great standard… who approved this art work? …”


She then expanded on her discussion by sharing images of other local albums and cover art for single releases before engaging her followers in a discussion.
Nichume seemingly did not respond to Zimba’s critique, but her collaborator, Mobi Dixxon, came to her defence with a retort about Zimba’s vocal ability to which Nichume responded with an emoji.

Fans have since dredged up that exchange and blamed Zimba for Nichume’s death, especially after hearing that she may have committed suicide.

Others have even tweeted vulgar wishes towards the star who is currently expecting her first child.

How South Africa is currently attempting to contact Zimba for comment.



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