Dear Ex, I’m Inviting You to My Wedding. Will You Be There?

Hi Pearl,

Letting you go wasn’t an easy thing to do though I knew you had moved on. However, today when I sit to count my blessings, I thank God you left my life so I could meet my Angel. Thank you for that.

Every time spent with you on campus was worth more than a treasure to me because you were everything I dreamt of: an amazing girlfriend, a sister and someone I could have hearty and unending conversations with. How affectionate it was to be seen everywhere with you with our hands dovetailed together, your head on my shoulder and my hand around your waist. We were certainly made for each other. Though we had our hurdles as students in the university, together and cloned in love we were able to overcome each one of them.

Lovely Pearl, as I affectionately called you, you knew the plans I had for us and how I dreamed of getting a good job after National Service and get married to you shortly after. I wasn’t going to lose you to anything: not misunderstanding, geographical restrictions nor petty gossip. I had vowed to accept your inadequacies because I was not perfect either. So what went wrong? Why couldn’t you hold on for just a little while? I was convinced you went in for another guy right when I left campus for my National Service but I was willing to go the extra mile and was willing to hold on to my promise of marrying you exactly 2 years after getting a job. I trusted you and decided not to make a meal out of it; perhaps you were just friends and needed company on campus while I was away.

I noticed a gradual change in your attitude. You subsequently lost interest in the things that kept us going since we couldn’t see each other often. I asked severally and you always had an excuse but I was determined to hold on to my Pearl. Ladies have their mood swings, wanting to be in hiding for some time so I thought it was okay. For 2 months I was the only one doing the calling and even when you did, the conversation never lasted more than 5mins which was very unusual of us. You grew ice-cold towards me. Our conversations became corny. You told me you needed “me time” and I had to grudgingly accept it. Little did I know that was going to be the end of our love story. Pearl, I never wanted a ‘once – upon -a time’ with you. “Not at all! I wanted a ‘happily ever after’. My wishes were never horses so today I don’t have them to ride on. It’s fine because I guess all along we weren’t on the same page. You had your own plans.

That picture I saw on your sister’s status captioned “Thank you our husband for the treat” tore my heart into pieces. Momentarily, I lost self-consciousness and needed to come face to face with what appeared real. That was when I realized I have been kept in the dark all the while. There you were, being so affectionate in the arms of another guy. For a moment, I felt I wasn’t seeing the images clearly but before I could have a second look, they were taken off. When did all this happen? I just needed someone to tell me it wasn’t true. 5years of being in a relationship with you couldn’t just go waste. Not just when I was at the edge of getting a job after National service. Though the relationship was distant after school, this wasn’t what we promised ourselves? Distance and the absence of physical contact had succeeded in cutting through what brought two love birds together.

I needed answers to the many questions and thoughts that run through my mind. Then, your sister had an honest chat with me. ‘Pearl has been seeing this guy for almost 5 months now”, she said. I was broken. The pain I felt in my heart and soul was unbearable. Things were much clearer now. The several mood swings; the wanting to be left alone; the not ready to listen to my endless conversations you once enjoyed; yes, I understood things better.

You could have told me yourself? At least it could have saved me the emotional torture I had to put myself into. But when I confronted you, you told me you couldn’t do the long-distance relationship thing again and that you needed someone close. Close? We have been together for years now, with just a year of being apart. You knew it wasn’t going to be like that forever. Your being in Kumasi and me being in Accra for a moment in our lives couldn’t have spelled the end for us. It hurts badly then but I had to come to terms with reality and move on.

I sit to write today, thanking you for a lovely heartbreak which gave me an opportunity to look at life differently. An opportunity to improve myself and another to meet the Angel in my life now.  I haven’t had it all but I must say I am comfortable in life by God’s Grace. I didn’t go waste when you left me but rather grew to become stronger and accepted by the one who supports me in every step of the way. I like what you’ve started doing; checking up on me every now and then. It gives me a feeling of importance.

When you closed the pages of our lives, I had a new author. My life is having beautiful stories to share. The good news is my wedding comes off on the 17th of October 2020 and you are invited to come and witness what the Lord can do. It has indeed been the doing of the Lord and it is all marvelous in my eyes.

It’s me



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