Dead Whale Calf Wash Ashore In KZN (Photos)

A dead juvenile humpback whale’s carcass washed up on the Blythedale Beach yesterday.

According to Quentin Power of Specialised Rescue Unit and the KZN Stranding Network, the carcass washed up in the early hours of the morning (Thursday).

“We originally planned to try get it back out to sea to let it naturally decompose, but the carcass is very close to the rocks, making it impossible,” said Power.

He said it was nearly impossible to tell what led to the whale’s death.


Power explained that if the calf had still been alive, or if the carcass was in the water, the Department of Environmental Affairs and the Stranding Network would have the obligation to find a solution, but since the carcass is on municipal land, it is the municipality’s prerogative.

He also stressed that people should not touch the carcass, as whales – and any decomposing bodies in particular – can be carriers of possibly harmful bacteria.

Meanwhile, locals have apparently already arrived with pangas and the like and have begun carving up the carcass for its meat.

This, despite the fact that it is illegal to be in possession of any part of a whale in South Africa.


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