De Lille: SMS Matter Must Be Resolved Through DA Disciplinary Processes

Mayor Patricia de Lille is keeping mum on whether she sent a text message favouring the appointment of a city manager.

She purportedly sent the SMS to mayoral committee member Xanthea Limberg who sat on the selection panel.

De Lille allegedly wanted to influence the process as she was backing Achmat Ebrahim to be reappointed to the position.

The message De Lille allegedly sent reads: “I want to keep Achmat so score him the highest, thanks.”

But De Lille is not willing to reveal whether she did sent the text or not, saying the matter should be resolved through the Democratic Alliance’s (DA) disciplinary processes.

“Procedurally, what needs to happen is that the Democratic Alliance establishes a disciplinary commission. It must go there so that it can be tested. I’ve always asked that my disciplinary hearing be open to the public and media.”

De Lille put on her mayoral chain again following a Western Cape High Court ruling on Tuesday, reinstating her position and DA membership.


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