How Daydreaming Can Make You To Be Productive

Employers may see daydreaming as a waste of time, but taking a quick time-out can boost your productivity, experts suggest.

Letting your mind wander can increase your creativity and help when it comes to tackling complex problems, according to Fiona Kerr, a neurology specialist from the University of Adelaide.

“Far from being a waste of time, daydreaming allows the mind to wander,” explains Kerr.

“Daydreaming is now thought to be the natural state of the brain, observable by MRI scans during problem-solving.

“Solutions come to the brain through non-linear abstraction.

“This is due to such as alpha and gamma waves combining with acetyl choline and dopamine to top the brain back up and neutrally reset it, allowing for new insights.

“Daydreaming acts in ways to allow nonlinear connections to form,” Kerr said.


Source: Times Live


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