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Daughter To Surprise 70-Year-Old Father, Thanking Him For Kidney Donation

Amina Parker needed a kidney transplant; she was diagnosed with stage five renal failure in 2016. The entire family came forward to be tested; only Amina’s father was a match.

Abdullah Parker was happy to donate one of his kidneys but he was overweight at the time. Abdullah dedicated his life to his daughter and started working to lose enough weight to undergo the surgery. By the time her surgery came around, Abdullah had lost 23kgs.

To lose weight, Abdullah joined a running club. His love for running was born from the choice to save his daughter. He decided that even after they both recovered from the surgery, he would continue to run and eat healthily.

Now, a few years later, Abdullah is about to celebrate his 70th birthday. His love of running is still going strong; he will be doing the Two Oceans Marathon this year too! Little does he know that Amina has been secretly training so she can run the marathon with him.

Not only is she going to run the marathon with him, but she is also using the opportunity to raise funds for Cape Kidney.

“As a 70th birthday gift to my father this year, I will be running the Two Oceans marathon with him and my siblings. Two years ago he changed his entire life around so that he could donate his kidney to me. I am very fortunate to have had my families support and incredible doctors during this journey but it is time to give back.

There are so many patients at our government hospitals that need funding and assistance. Dialysis is expensive and it is what keeps kidney patients alive. You have no idea how much of an impact your donation will have on someone’s life.

Please consider donating towards Cape Kidney and help those who are still battling with this disease on a daily basis.”

The Cape Kidney Association was founded in 1978 by a group of Nephrology Doctors and Nurses who saw the need to assist the Indigent kidney patients. Patients travel from afar as there are no dialysis units close by.


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