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DA: Mahumapelo Resignation Will Help Bring Stability To North West

The DA says Supra Mahumapelo’s exit as chief of the North West may be “a positive development” yet ought not shield him from responsibility for debasement affirmations leveled against him.

Following a long time of hypothesis, Mahumapelo declared on Wednesday that he was taking an “early retirement”.

His resignation follows widespread spread protests in the North West amid calls for him to be recalled.

A few weeks ago, Mahumapelo rescinded his resignation and placed himself on leave. He appointed close ally Wendy Nelson as acting Premier.

It’s not clear who will take over from Mahumapelo, but he remains as chairman of the ANC in the province.

Secretary general Ace Magashule said the issue of who will be deployed as premier will be discussed at ANC’s National Executive Committee meeting this weekend.

The DA said Mahumaelo’s resignation was a step towards bringing stability to the province.

Although the party welcomed his departure, it said Mahumpelo was just part of the problem of the ANC’s poor governance of the North West.

“Mahumapelo represents only the tip of the iceberg, therefore his exit will not miraculously fix the province’s deep problems of corruption, service delivery collapse and joblessness. The ANC is rotten to its core and over the past years, the ANC has put the interests of the party before that of the people of North West,” said the party’s provincial leader Joe McGluwa.

The former premier has been accused of corruption and for failing to run the provincial government.

The most affected department in the province has been its health department, where the SA Defence Force had to send its health services to the province’s hospitals to assist staff members.

The National Health and Allied Workers Union has been on strike for months demanding for swift action to be taken about the issues affecting the health department.

Cabinet took the decision to place the entire North West government under administration following a preliminary investigation by an inter-ministerial task team.

The DA said the placement of the province under administration has amounted to nothing as those who have been accused of corruption still remain in government positions.

“Ramaphosa’s Section 100 intervention and task team have amounted to nothing more than political gimmicks and PR stunts used a smokescreen to cover his inability to deal with one of his political rivals. It has been marred by legal questions in the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) clearly showing that he is using state machinery and acting outside of due process to fight his political battles,” said McGluwa.


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