DA Considering Legal Action Against ANC For Stolen Slogan”One South One All”

The Democratic Alliance (DA) issued a statement saying it intended to serve the ANC with a cease  letter to stop them using the slogan “One South Africa for all” ahead of the May national and provincial elections.

The DA says it was the first party to use this tagline since launching its election campaign in September last year. The party claims the ANC stole the slogan after it was used by an official ANC Twitter account last week.

The tweet has since been deleted.

The ANC has denied these claims, saying that the DA had not yet launched its election campaign containing the slogan.

DA national spokesperson Solly Malatsi responded saying: “This is an outright lie as we launched our election campaign on 22 September 2018. The DA will also be demanding an apology from the ANC for stealing the slogan.”

“The sheer lack of originality by the ANC shows that they have nothing to offer South Africans and is further motivation for our people to punish the ANC at the polls,” Malatsi added.

Malatsi on Monday confirmed that the ANC had responded to the DA statement and that they were “waiting for the ANC to formalise their response.” Graham Charters, DA deputy chief of staff, confirmed on Monday that the DA is considering issuing the ANC with a cease and desist letter.

After the ANC manifesto launch on Saturday, DA leader Mmusi Maimane said the DA was the only party pursuing “one South Africa for all.”

“At a time of acute racial division in our country, the President offered no leadership on how we can come together as a country and build One South Africa for All.
The DA is the only party pursuing the vision of shared prosperity.”


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