DA Cape Town Chief Whip Shaun August Resigns in Council in Support of De Lille

De Lille on Thursday delivered what many considered to be her “final” speech in the council, with her term set to end on October

Speculation, however, is that De Lille may rescind her resignation if the council decides to institute new charges against her based on a fresh forensic report into maladministration in the city, leaked earlier this week.

The council was due to adopt one of two reports into maladministration in the city, both compiled by law firm Bowmans.

Following her speech, August declared publicly that he “could not take” what has happening in council any longer, to the surprise of council speaker Dirk Smit.

He resigned both as a councillor and as a member of the Democratic Alliance.

He then walked across the council floor to embrace De Lille in her seat, before leaving the chamber.

Opposition MPs erupted into cheers.

This is a developing story.


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