DA Asks Ramaphosa To Reconsider Decision Over Zuma Legal Fees

The Democratic Alliance (DA) has written to President Cyril Ramaphosa requesting he rethink his decision to continue funding former president Jacob Zuma’s criminal defence.

Correspondent on Wednesday reported that the Presidency confirmed that it will continue footing Zuma’s legal costs in his criminal case until a court orders them not to.

The DA has disputed this decision.

The DA’s James Selfe has penned a letter to Ramaphosa telling him that the decision to pay for Zuma’s defence is illegal.

Selfe says he was shocked to hear that the president intends to continue funding Zuma’s legal costs, even after they have taken the matter to court.

“We’ve accordingly written to the president to point out that we believe that it was a mistake to pay for Zuma’s legal fees.”

While the Presidency says they will put an end to it if a court orders them to do so, Selfe says it’s an abuse of tax payers’ money.

The DA believes that Ramaphosa’s argument that Zuma will repay the money if he is convicted is a “hollow argument” and the former president won’t be able to pay back the money.


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