Cyril Ramaphosa Wrist Watch Vs Zuma’s – Which Is More Expensive?

President Cyril Ramaphosa is leading a health-conscious revolution in South Africa with his morning walks, wearing an Apple Watch Series 3 wherever he goes.

The fitness smartwatch, officially retailing at R6,000 for the space grey 42mm version, is still a whopping R500,000 cheaper than former President Jacob Zuma’s watch.

Zuma’s spokesperson Bongani Ngqulunga could not be reached to confirm the make of his watch, but a photo taken in December 2013 reveals that former president prefers wearing a Swiss-made Patek Philippe watch.

Zuma was seen wearing the same watch during an infamous interview with the SABC on the day of his resignation.

An average Patek Philippe retails at about R350,000 in South Africa.

The specific version of Zuma’s watch in the Patek Philippe Complications range, which features Moon phase indicator, averages at about R600,000 on global watch retailer chrono24.

Described as the company’s “flagship model,” the range was launched in 1996 and is water resistant featuring a sapphire crystal back.

Ramaphosa’s spokesperson Tyrone Seale told Business Insider South Africa that he is “unable to take up the matter of the President’s wearables”.

The Apple Watch Series 3 was released in September 2013 and has a heart-rate monitor, GPS-chip, and altimeter for measuring flights of stairs climbed.

At the time of its release, Business Insider US says the Apple Watch Series 3 does “a damn good job” at being a fitness device.

“Use it for fitness tracking, limited notifications, and — gasp! — telling the time,” journalist Steve Kovach writes.

“[But] don’t install any third-party apps. Apple’s biggest mistake was making the Apple Watch do too much before it was ready.”


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