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As Curtains Draw On The Mugabe’s Reign, Lets Peek Inside His $10 million Private House

Despite becoming the leader of the country amid a wave of public support all the way back in 1980, Mugabe has been forced out of power in disgrace with many corruption allegations trailing his government.

Inside Mugabe's $10m Blue House mansion

With the president reportedly worth more than $1 billion while ruling one of the world’s poorest countries, it’s no wonder a lot of people wanted him gone.

Inside Mugabe's $10m Blue House mansion

One of the president’s most high profile display of extravagant wealth is his construction of the famous lavish “Blue House”/”Blue Roof” property located around 16 miles north of Zimbabwe’s capital, Harare.

Inside Mugabe's $10m Blue House mansion

The 25-bedroom private house was reportedly constructed by a Serbian construction firm for an estimated sum of $10 million in 2003.

Inside Mugabe's $10m Blue House mansion

The palace has two lakes in its 44-acre landscaped grounds and is protected by a multi-million pounds radar system.

Inside Mugabe's $10m Blue House mansionp

Mugabe is reported to have used donations from his Zanu PF party and well-wishers to build the extravagant residence.

Inside Mugabe's $10m Blue House mansion

Mugabe also reportedly purchased a $5.2million mansion in Hong Kong in 2013 as well as another Hamilton Palace in Sussex, UK, which was estimated to be worth about $40million before it became a construction site.


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