Covid-19 Vaccine Might Not Be Ready By Next Year, Expert Warns

Scientists and doctors are fighting to create a coronavirus vaccine around the world

A French expert has warned that there is little chance of a 100 percent effective coronavirus vaccine by 2021.

“A vaccine is several years in development,” said epidemiologist Arnaud Fontanet, a member of the team of scientists advising the government on the crisis, speaking on television.

“Of course, there is an unprecedented effort to develop a vaccine, but I would be very surprised if we had that was effective in 2021,” he added.

That being the case, “we have to live with this virus” he said. And since another lockdown was out of the question, people had to go back to “more serious habits”.

“This summer, let’s respect physical distance, at least!” he said, stressing that large gatherings were the main threat.


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