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Covid-19: Kabelo Mabalane And Wife Gail Reveals Their Journey To Recovery

Legendary kwaito star and businessman Kabelo Mabalane revealed that he has tested positive for Covid-19 and that he’s busy recovering.

In a video shared on his Instagram page, Mabalane of the TKZee fame is heard in conversation his wife, “Blood & Water” actress Gail Mabalane, detailing how he has overcome Covid-19.

“Lived to tell the tale! Covid-19 is real. Please keep complying to safety protocols and regulations. Keep hope alive,” read the caption.

The star kicked off the conversation by telling his followers that he tested over two weeks ago.

Mabalane admitted that although he continued wearing his masks and sanitizing, he didn’t do it “as vigorously as before.”

“When we got to level three I started to let my gut down in the sense that going to shops and other public places,” he said

Mabalane who is also a consistent marathon runner continued to explain that he trained a lot in the effort to keep his stress levels in check.

“I was training a lot, and training at that high intensity, I think I compromised my immune system which made me susceptible to contracting the virus,” he said.

The muso described his symptoms which included a burning sensation in the eyes, shivers, fever and cold.

That’s when his wife suggested that he gets tested and a few days later the result came back positive.

The couple shared how they explored self quarantined options, but decided that the muso must rather quarantine or self isolate at home.

“I stayed in my bedroom for 14 days. I was sweating..cold, then it went to into my throat. A friend of ours who had Covid-19 before said when your throat is sore it feels like you’re swallowing glass and it actually did feel like that,” said the muso.

The couple also shared some of the remedies that helped ease the virus. Some of those include among others ginger, panado…” I have a newfound respect for Panado,” said the muso.

When asked if he was scared, Mabalane said: “There’s so much to live for, there’s you (referring to his wife), the kids, my career, the ministry (Mabalane is a pastor at Rhema Bible Church), so death never became an option in my head. I knew I’d get better.”

The muso also sent out a message of love and encouragement to many South Africans who have lost their loved ones to the deadly virus.

“I’m sitting on the other side, grateful to God…we consider it a privilege to be counted amongst the recoveries. Surviving is something we don’t take very lightly.”

However, it wasn’t long when his wife also showed Covid-19 symptoms.

“A week later, after being such a good nurse, I tested positive,” said the “Blood & Water” star.

She continued: “Our symptoms weren’t similar…I had severe headaches, shortness of breath, which you didn’t have ( making reference to her hubby)…I panicked, started worrying about the kids.”

The couple explained that part of the reason they decided to share their story this is that they wanted to “emphasise that Covid-19 is real.”

“Please stay safe…continue to take all the precautionary measure, sanitise, wash hands regularly, wear your masks…this is not to instil fear but to encourage people to take this thing (virus) seriously,” said the muso.


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