Courtney Pieter’s Killer Expected Back In Court

man sent to 22years imprisonment for rape

The trial of a man who has admitted to killing three-year-old Courtney Pieters resumes in the Western Cape High Court on Tuesday morning.

Mortimer Saunders has confessed to poisoning and beating the child last year. He denies raping her but has admitted to necrophilia.

A pathologist is expected to take the stand when the trial of alleged child killer Mortimer Saunders resumes in the Western Cape High Court.man sent to 22years imprisonment for rape

Last week, forensic analyst Luthando Tiya was called to return to the stand for a second time at the request of defence lawyer Mornay Calitz.

Calitz recalled Tiya on certain aspects around the accused’s semen found on the top worn by Pieters on the day she was killed.

Blood was also found on the child’s jeans but not enough DNA could be extracted to yield a profile.

A swab was also taken from the deceased’s right thigh.

Tiya testified he found traces of male DNA, but again, the concentration was too small to yield a profile.


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