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Court Hears How Arthur ‘Dragged’ Cici For 300 Metres

Cici attempted to battle back feeling as she shared her rendition of occasions to the court when the ambush trial against her ex Arthur Mafokate got underway on Wednesday afternoon at the Midrand Magistrates Court
Arthur was charged with assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm and pleaded not guilty.

Cici told the court that when the alleged violent altercation took place between them she apparently went to Arthur’s house to end their relationship.

The singer claimed that an argument broke out between them after she told Arthur that she wanted to request an Uber to go home.

“I was basically ending my relationship with him and I was picking up my belongings. The commotion started because I wanted to end the relationship and he didn’t want me to call an Uber,” she said.

Cici alleged that Arthur grabbed her phone and got into his car with it.

“I tried to open the driver’s door and found it was locked. He still had my phone. He then pulled away from the garage and I was still holding onto the door handle of the car and asking for my phone. I saw he had no intention to stop,” she told the court.

Cici sobbed in the dock as she recounted her version of events and had to be given a few minutes to compose herself.

The singer continued her testimony saying that she could not free her hand from the car door because her chunky ring was stuck in it.

‘As he accelerated, I grabbed on with both hands because my right arm may be dislocated. I fell on the ground while he continued driving. I tried to stand up but couldn’t. I dragged myself to the nearest residence,” she added.

The court how Cici was then rushed to hospital by one of Arthur’s friends where she was treated for a broken pelvis.

The trial was postponed to 18 April.

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