Couple All Loved Up Despite Covid-19 Diagnosis And Quarantine

Coronavirus survivor Mawande Sineke and his girlfriend Busisiwe Molefe prior to the Coronavirus pandemic. Supplied.

A Johannesburg couple have shown that love should be unconditional. This couple proved that love during the coronavirus pandemic is still possible after a coronavirus survivor’s girlfriend found safe ways to celebrate their anniversary while her partner was in quarantine.
Mawande Sineke’s biggest fears were confirmed on June 29 after the general manager of Wishington Farm in Fourways tested positive for Covid-19. Sineke, 41, is overweight and has a family history of diabetes and hypertension.

He told The Star on Monday that after he received his test results, he gathered himself together by praying and reminding himself that he had a strong support structure in his very spiritual father, siblings that lived down the road from him, friends and his girlfriend and “ride or die” Busisiwe Molefe, 37.

When he was quarantined at home, his eldest sister took up the role as errand lady and his other siblings checked on him frequently. His ex-wife, with whom he has two children, also became his cheerleader.

“Daily calls from my dad telling me to stay safe and that he had already had the chat with God and that this too shall pass and became the norm. I was in good hands,” he said.

He added that his sweetheart Molefe stepped up and made an effort to cheer him up whenever he needed a pick up including on the couple’s second year anniversary on July 7.

“I would be lying if I didn’t mention that the thought of serving her the gift of death on our anniversary never crossed my mind. However, what she did for us on the day reminded me that I’m loved and there’s so much more to live for,” he said.

Molefe said that after she found out that her boyfriend was infected, she initially self-isolated at her home in Midrand, but after a week she discovered that she was not positive.

At 1am, on July 7, Molefe started their special day by sending her beloved a video message with pictures of their best memories with their favourite song as a soundtrack.

“Initially we were going to have a virtual dinner but I realised I could do something better at his place and we were going to social distance after I had seen people on social media whose families visited them from outside,” she said.

Molefe said that Sineke set up his patio table for her outside and a table for himself inside, next to the patio sliding door, to have a romantic lunch with seafood and sushi platters. She also brought him gifts that he received from a distance.

“The food arrived while I was outside so I dished up for myself and then gave him the plastic bag because he hadn’t touched it yet. After eating, he came outside but stood on one side of the pool and I stood on the other and we stood there talking,” she said.

Molefe said throughout the lunch, the couple kept a safe distance from each other.

“The saddest, yet the most memorable day for me in the life of Busi and Mawande,” Sineke said.

Sineke has since recovered and the couple have been able to be in close contact with each other.

They said they remained strict about drinking immune-boosting concoctions.

“It has become a lifestyle now, trying to always strengthen our immune system, because you never know,” she said.

The couple added that the Covid-19 coverage in the media and social media contributed to a lot of anxiety for them while Sineke was sick.

“I have, however, learnt that love is that glue that keeps us all together and that the triumph of the human spirit is intrinsically linked with the love we share and receive,” the survivor said.


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