Here are Countries You Must Also Visit if You Holiday in South Africa


You’re coming all the way down to the end of Africa, so why not try to visit a few of the neighbours while you’re at it? Here’s our ultimate guide.

1. Lesotho

Here’s an easy one for starters. You don’t even have to go outside South Africa’s outer borders!

If you don’t think that sounds adventurous enough, you haven’t seen this stunning, mountainous enclave.

You can trek, climb and generally gaze in awe at the place. And it’s just a short hop from Johannesburg or Durban.

2. Namibia

More mountains… but this time they’re made of sand. Namibia is a stunning desert country with sands that stretch right across to the Atlantic Ocean.

If civilisation is more your thing, try Swakopmund or capital city Windhoek to give you a launchpad to see the best of both worlds.

3. Reunion

You guessed it… even more mountains! The French island is an ancient, volcanic hideaway from all those people who have only read up on nearby Mauritius.

Something of an adventure retreat – and fantastic for hiking – you don’t need to be a bungee-jumping hang glider to get your kicks.

Add in the French, Creole, Indian and Chinese influences and you’re not going to do badly for food, either.

4. Botswana


Go wild in this once-in-a-lifetime kind of a place. Save up like there’s no tomorrow (as if that makes sense), find a top notch lodge and lose yourself in a wilderness of elephants, lions and the rest.

It’s a proper safari and then some. And still only a quick flight up from Johannesburg.

5. Comoros

Here’s a curious one – and definitely one for the patient, relaxed traveller.

The back-to-basics, devoutly Muslim islands operate at a different pace to the tourist traps elsewhere.

Pack a few good books, take off your drinking boots and spend some time relaxing a world away from your daily grind.

6. Malawi

Despite being well away from the ocean, you can still take more than a quick dip in landlocked Malawi.

Its eponymous lake is shimmering, brimming and things are swimming. Take your snorkel and plumb the depths for eye-catching fish, or kayak your way across the surface.


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