Controversial Pretoria Prophet Accused Of Money Laundering And Other Crimes

shepherd-bushiri image source: nehandaradio.com

A controversial city prophet is being investigated by the Hawks for rape and money laundering.

A spokesperson for Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG), the church in question, however dismissed the charges.

Spokesperson Ephraim Nyondo said claims the church’s leader, “prophet” Shepherd Bushiri, has raped a woman from Pretoria and was using an offshore account to move R15 million to Malawi each month were “false”.

Reports suggest that at least one Pretoria woman has laid a charge of rape against Bushiri but later withdrew it, claiming Bushiri’s enemies had coerced her into “concocting the case”.

“Prophet Bushiri largely welcomes this inquest for it will put to rest the wild allegations that have been making the rounds, often promoted by some faceless group, who are bent on dragging the name of the church and the man of God in the mud,” Nyondo said.


Nyondo said ordinarily the church would refrain from commenting on such issues but in this case,” silence may no longer be golden”.

“The Hawks’ professionalism would help clear the air and set the records straight,” he said.

“Clearly, ECG, which is one of the fastest growing churches in the world has nothing to hide as it has operated under strict compliance to international best practice and commitment to the laws of the land.”

“A faceless group is uncomfortable with ECG’s contribution to the body of Christ, is aimed at slowing us down and our resolve to continue in the advancement of the gospel of Jesus Christ remains unshaken,” he said.

Nyondo said another report was making the rounds, alleging that people were paid to fake so-called “miracles” by the prophet.


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