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Controversial Pastor That Performs Miracle with Live Snake Dies After Being Bitten By His Own Snake While Performing Miracle

A pastor known for performing controversial miracles has allegedly been killed by his own cobra while performing miracles.

Pastor Penuel during one of his controversial deliverance sessions
The controversial South African Prophet who made his followers eat snakes in his church saying that he had turned them into a chocolate just like Jesus did with water and wine in the bible is now reportedly dead after being bitten by a cobra he was using for another round of miracles in his Ministry.
The South African prophet rose to international fame in just weeks after he rode his congregants like donkeys, made them strip n*ked in church, eat braids, paper, rocks, and dirt. He shocked the entire world when he brought live snakes to a service, and declared that those who believed in the power of Jesus and had faith could eat the venomous snakes and God would turn them to chocolate.
Congregants who munched on the animals confirmed that the snakes indeed tasted like chocolate to them. The prophet quickly became known as the ‘Snake Pastor’ in South Africa, where gained notoriety alongside popularity.
In no time however, he found himself in huge trouble with the law. The South African Society for Prevention of Cruelty and Protection to Animals (SPCA) laid criminal charges against him for cruelty to animals. They argued that the manner in which the animals were killed as cruel, and painful. Eating of animals alive is considered criminal in South Africa.
The Association that controls churches in South Africa quickly deregistered his church for malpractice, and they ordered him to report to a disciplinary hearing. The prophet however refused to attend, forcing the association to consider having  court order mandate him to attend.
Political activists from the Economic Freedom Fighters then stormed his church and destroyed his tent, and several other material. However that move solicited a strong response backing the prophet, as freedom of religion is protected in the constitution of South Africa.
The EFF responded by claiming it was rogue youths with no association to the party who had orchestrated the damage. However the latest development will bring shock waves to the country. South African Tabloid, iMzansi reported that the ‘Snake Pastor’ had died.
According to the publication, Soshanguve Police revealed that on Tuesday night, Penuel Mnguni, 24, of the End Times Disciples Ministries in Soshanguve was handling a snake during a Sunday service at a Pentecostal church in Jenson.
Unnamed authorities said Prophet Mnguni was bitten on his left arm and refused medical treatment thereafter. Reports are that Mnguni went to his brother’s home, where he later died. The local coroner pronounced him dead. Members of the church declined comment but reports are that there will be no funeral as the they believe he will resurrect.
The Prophet’s gathering is now synonymous with despicable. A few days ago, a lady Bishop in the church walked up to the Pastor who was preaching, and grabbed his reproductive organs during live service.
source: Tori.ng

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  1. The miracles performed by the messiah was granted with “authority” from the father, as he always asked permission from the fathers hand and to do anything without authority directly from the father and it will not be of the father(hence he’s dead). Messiah became a sacrifice for the world in ways we can never match for we are not without sin as the Messiah was making him the perfect choice his blood was innocent more purer than a newborn child because he was not conceived by traditional sexual relations which would have rendered him bore by sin his birth was immaculate and there was only one other of similar conception “John the Immerser” aka John the Baptist…we can never top messiah in purity nor should we try our fathers patience

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