Contemporary Art Of South Africa

South Africa is known for its rich cultural diversity and heritage. Artists and galleries in South Africa have used art in a positive way to depict the history and story of South Africa. Mixing traditional African influences and western culture means our galleries are diverse, interesting and offer art enthusiasts a wonderful view into our people, past and future.

South Africa has so many beautiful galleries to visit.

The Stellenbosch Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery, has the biggest commercial exhibition spaces in the Western Cape and focuses mainly on South African contemporary art movements of South Africa. These movements include the modernist abstract period and the protest period.

The Goodman Gallery has a space in both Johannesburg and Cape Town and is committed to showcasing emerging and respected artists. The gallery opened in 1966 and is considered influential in the contemporary art world of South Africa. They were the at the forefront of the art depicting 1985 art against apartheid.

Gallery Momo opened in 2003 and can be found in Johannesburg. This gallery regularly hosts contemporary art exhibitions of both local and international artists and should be visited if you enjoy contemporary art.

The AVA Gallery has four different gallery spaces and has been host to all genres of art. Open since 1972, this gallery also pays great attention to nurturing up and coming talent. If you are ever on Church Street in Cape Town make sure to stop by.

Fried Contemporary has close ties to the University of Pretoria which is a great way to keep a close eye on new artists and up and coming talent. This gallery also focuses on exhibiting the very best in contemporary art and South African artists. Due to the connection with the University the gallery offers a range of educational art classes.

The Knysna Fine Art gallery focuses primarily on South African artists but also exhibits sculptures, painting and ceramics from International artist. This makes this gallery an interesting and comprehensive stop for anyone in the Knysna area.

Over a century ago the KZNSA Gallery was established as an informal meeting place for artists to gather and exchange ideas, an art forum so to speak. Today, this gallery is one of Durban’s’ leading galleries in contemporary art exhibitions and educational art classes. Even a cinema is housed within this great gallery.

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