Constitution Books Misplaced Not Stolen – Masibulele Xaso

An investigation was launched two weeks ago in Parliament after it appeared that MPs might have made off with more than one copy of the Constitution during their induction.

However, a probe has revealed there’s been no theft, only a case of a misplaced box.

The National Assembly’s secretary Masibulele Xaso says that cameras were checked and that it might be a misunderstanding.

However, some MPs are not happy with the explanation.

“We were branded as thieves in the media,” said ANC MP Clarah Dikgale.

But the Freedom Front Plus says it’s not all bad press.

“At least we know the constitution is in high demand,” said Freedom Front Plus Chief Whip Corne Mulder.

Parliament says a box of 105 constitutions might have been accidentally misplaced in another room and all MPs will get their copy.

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