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Confession Time: What Will Do If You Caught Your Fiance Cheating On Your Wedding Eve?…… Let’s See You Reactions, Be Real!


What would you do if you caught your fiance cheating on your wedding eve?

“After three years of being together, Sonia was thrilled to be getting married to the love of her life. The night before the big day, her fiancé Stanley was staying at their new apartment and Sonia at her parents’. She paid him a surprise visit that night to pick up something she had forgotten, only to meet the shock of her life.
“When she got to the door, she put her key in the lock but realised it had been double-locked. She banged for ages before it opened and then there was Stanley, wearing only his shorts and looking flustered. He tried to stop her coming in, but she insisted and dashed past him, only to find a n*ked woman crouched beside the bed in their room.”
If you were in Sonia’s shoes, what would you do?………
Drop your comments Below. We’ll be so eager to receive your individual responses. #DullTheSpirit!!!

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