Company To Give 100 Homeless People Five-Star Lunch After It Was Too Late To Cancel

Company To Give 100 Homeless People Five-Star Lunch

More than 100 homeless people will be treated to a luxury lunch at a five-star hotel after a company was unable to get a refund when they tried cancelling the lunch.

The Langley Group were due to hold a five-star lunch at the Interncontinental hotel in Melbourne but had to cancel it because there were not enough paying customers.

When they went to cancel it though, they were told they wouldn’t be able to get a refund on the costs.

Rather than waste the booking, the business decided to donate a free meal to the city’s homeless.

Mahta Manzouri told Nine News: ‘These people that would normally never have the opportunity to come into a place like that are going to have a full five-star dining experience.’

And so, this Wednesday at noon, after some skillfull planning by The Langley Group, a hundred of the city’s most disadvantaged will be treated to first class dining experience.

These will include youths and asylum seekers from charities such as Melbourne City Mission, St Mary’s House of Welcome and Brigidine Asylum Seekers Project.

Company to give homeless people luxury lunch after it was too late to cancel

House of Welcome, in Fitzroy, provides breakfast, lunch, snacks, showers and emergency assistance for more than 200 people a day.

Though they don’t provide accommodation, they ensure the homeless have a full meal three times a day.

Melbourne’s City Mission has the largest homeless services in the region for people under 24.

Brigidine Asylum Seekers works with people who don’t yet have  a place to stay in Australia.

All three said the lunch will be a welcome break from a life of poverty for the diners.


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