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Community Residents At Langa Unite To Bury Fire Victims Who Died In Same Way Parents Did 2 Years Ago

In a scene mirroring the tragic death of their parents two years ago, two Langa youths were killed when a shack they had built at the site where their family home was destroyed also caught fire.

The shack built in the backyard of their destroyed house caught fire while the two brothers – Siyabulela, 27, and Sivuyile Mthembu, 31 – and their friend were asleep. They were all killed in the blaze last week and will be laid to rest today.

Two years ago, the brothers’ parents were tragically killed in an electrical fire at their home.

Their older sister Monica described her siblings as sweet, loving and playful.

“I received a call from my cousin telling me that my brothers’ shack had caught fire and I immediately went to the place.

’’When I got there, I suspected that the shack was petrol-bombed. They were three in the shack.

“I was devastated by my brothers’ death. It was like a rock hit my head. Even now I am still not feeling good at all.

“When my parents passed away, I was left with my two younger brothers; the situation was very hard because I had to take care of them and play a parent role as they were not working.”

Monica said the company she worked for had been liquidated and she had been without an income for months. Her brothers’ funeral is being organised by the community.

“I don’t have money to bury them and they could see the situation at home. I would love to go back and live at home but which home now because it is destroyed? Currently, I live with a family friend,” said Monica.

Neighbour Ntombizodwa Sigaqa, who has lived next to the family for more than 30 years, urged the public to help rebuild the destroyed Mthembu family house.

“Ever since their parents passed away, their situation became bad for them. As the community we have decided to organise the funeral because we know very well their situation and they have been good people in our community.

’’Each and every one of us has contributed with whatever they have in order to make this funeral a success.

“I was taking care of the younger one because the older one would sometimes get temporary jobs to at least have something in his pocket.

’’It is very sad to see what used to be a good home for the family and community falling apart right in front of our eyes.

’’The parents of this house were good and loving people; everyone in the community was hurt when they both died and left the children behind,” said Sigaqa.


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