Common Mistakes South African Youth Make Before Age 30

These common mistakes affect how far most South African youth go in life. what is sad is that most youth do not even know they are making some of these mistakes.

1- Relaxing in your comfort zone

Honestly, staying around your comfort zone is sweet and stress free. You can freely eat whatever you want and do whatever you desire. But it increases two types of laziness.

(a) Mind procrastination

This is the worst and most dangerous kind of laziness that destroys a person. It leaves you unmotivated and weak to make self-decisional move. It gives you a released mind, thinking there is much time.

(b) Prideful mindset

This particular mindset has cost many good opportunities of making a move. They have the mindset of being bigger than those opportunities that can give them a head start. You can never make a mark, if you don’t make a move.

2- Distracted by your opposite s*x

Nine years ago, a particular white man said: “A young boy that spends time thinking about a girl, actually spends time wasting his life”. My friends, as a teenager then, I didn’t understand the totality of his saying.

That particular saying grew day after day in my heart. And I don’t think I will ever forget it. He was talking about three things: Focused mind, repositioned mind, reasonable thinking. These three things can go a long way in the life any youth. When you allow distractions have your day, then expect the damages of the rainy day.

3- Living beyond your reach

The problem most youths have these days is on spending. They spend beyond their capacity. The truth is that, if you don’t know how to manage money before you leave your comfort zone, you will have a serious problem.

4- Waiting for the great day unprepared

Surely, the timing destiny of Peter is different from that of Paul, but if peter sits back without doing anything, he will be like a farmer meeting the harvest day without cutlass and hoes.

5- Following the old ways

Some youths are fond of doing things the old way. They don’t buy new ideas. There are many fertile grounds to plant your seed. A billionaire businessman once said: “if you don’t have a laptop, sell all you have and get one”.

We are in the age of innovational and inventory revolution. Where things are always changed to the newness of time and are reintroduced in a computing way. We are gradually leaving the era of having a shop to sell your goods to online stores.

If you don’t get involved in the new ways of doing things, you will surely be left out in the process of retransformation. Fit yourself to the latest happenings of this time and be updated.

6- Neglecting God

Being successful is having the substantial gift of God upon your Life. Exempting God in your life happenings is exempting grace and inviting struggling.


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