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Churches in South Africa: Top 10 Places of Worship that Will Fill You With Divine Bliss

South Africa is appreciated for its architectonic heritage, which crosses Cape Dutch, Victorian, Neo-Gothic, and Edwardian ages and techniques. As in other nations, the righteous architecture is usually observed in its massive, gorgeous churches. We are here to make the world known about some of the most beautiful Catholic Churches in South Africa, from all edges of the country. Here we have some popular churches in South Africa that one should visit.

If you are also looking for churches to visit on to South Africa, here is a list that can guide you through the country’s religion hotspots. Have a look!

1. Church of the Good Shepherd-Protea

Church of the Good Shepherd-Protea

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Good Shepherd-Protea is an Anglican Church inside the church of St Saviour’s, Claremont; it is located in Cape Town. We engage in a 130-year-old marble church on the side of Kirstenbosch Gardens, Cape Town. Each Sunday you will notice an active population of around 90 worshippers varying in age from only some months to over seventy to eighty. Great Shepherd-Protea is built up of late inhabitants of Protea Village along wi created in 1999 asth those breathing in the neighboring regions of Kirstenbosch, Bishopscourt, and Fernwood. Our artistic worship is famous and our coffee and tea get-togethers beneath the oak trees after ceremonies are an essential part of our Christian outreach to immigrants.

2. Good Shepherd Catholic Church

Good Shepherd Catholic Church

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The Good Shepherd Catholic Church is located in Bothasig and comes under the Cape Town Archdiocese. The church follows the outskirts of Edgemead, Bothasig, Richwood, Plattekloof Glen, and Monte Vista. The Church in Bothasig was formally opened on September 30th, 1973 by its Eminence Owen, Cardinal McCann. In January 2016, Rev. Fr. Ivanhoe Allies shifted our new church priest. Throughout the last 40 years, we have noticed God do some extraordinary deeds in our middle as a Church.

3. Hillsong Church – Century City

Hillsong Church - Century City

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Hillsong is a traditional Christian church. Confounded by the gift of assurance we have seen in Jesus; we have a feeling for genuine worship, are enthusiastic about the historical church, and are on a charge to observe God’s throne erected across the globe.

Hillsong Church was established by Bobbie and Brian Houston in the year 1983 in the western outskirts of Sydney, Australia. Presently, Hillsong has spread the churches in the city centres of about 21 countries across the earth. On an average, the church has a global audience progressing 130,000 every week.

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4. Uniting Presbyterian Church

Uniting Presbyterian Church

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The Uniting Presbyterian Church is among the most beautiful churches in Southern Africa was established and created in 1999 as the consequences of the union between the Reformed Presbyterian Church and the Presbyterian Church.

These both churches experienced the identical source beginning to the 19th century when England won over the Cape Town. Their unique characteristics were that the Presbyterian Church was established among settlers and soldiers who appeared in the Cape in the year 1820, covering North into Zambia and Zimbabwe.

5. St. George’s Cathedral, Cape Town

St. George's Cathedral, Cape Town

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It is the Anglican Cathedral located in Cape Town, South Africa that was established in the year 1901 and was designed by Sir Herbert Baker. The cathedral substituted a church created in 1834 on the same site and is yet unfinished.It has an engaged and active community of people and organizations, offering to the spirit of the Cathedral and the vast Cape Town community in some ways. They perpetually delighted to welcome new features.

The Cathedral Creation Care department survives to give more exposition of honour to God in considering for God’s invention and being honest stewards of God’s creation, improving the Cathedral as a symbol of God’s Kingdom in the city of Cape Town and the entire nation.

6. Dutch Reformed Church, South Africa

Dutch Reformed Church

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The Dutch Reformed Church is among the biggest churches in South Africa that were established in the 17th century the time when the Dutch reached the country. They developed it as a duplicate of the Netherlands Dutch church. The Dutch Reformed Church which is a famous universal heritage place is inhabited in Vryheid, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. The church proffers for pleasant music performances with its huge roof and high-grade acoustics.

7. St Michael and St George Cathedral, Grahamstown

Church view

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This Anglican Diocese in Grahamstown is the ecclesiastical place of the Grahamstown Bishop. The cathedral has the highest spire in the whole South Africa of 54m. The cathedral was the moral capital of the Grahamstown community. Graham’s Town was formerly a militant vanguard on the Cape Colony’s Eastern Frontier. Colonel John Graham established it. The British operations to accelerate the amaXhosa inmates from the Eastern frontier were settled by Graham’s strategy to adopt “A decent degree of panic.” A huge number of fights of the Xhosa battles were focused throughout Grahamstown.

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8. St. Mary’s Cathedral, Johannesburg

Church inside view

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It is authoritatively the Cathedral Church of St. Mary the Madonna, is the Anglican Diocese of Johannesburg’s cathedral. At the end of the year, 2015 Xolani Dlwati was designated as the existing administrator.

In 1887, the Reverend John Darragh was elected preacher of the first St. Mary’s Church. A section of the area was bought near Wanderers Streets and Plein, De Villiers in Johannesburg where the Church of Saint John Chrysostom was formed. The ideas of the cathedral were licensed from the Sir Herbert Baker’s firm, and the architect in charge was Frank Fleming. In 1921 the Church of All Souls was formed and on 13 May 1926, the development of the central part of the cathedral started. Construction of the cathedral was finished and was dedicated on the Carnival of All Angels and St. Michael, 29th September 1929. The first priest was Arthur Karney whose name can also be seen on the foundation stone.

9. Lambert Road Baptist Church

Lambert church

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It is an Orthodox church positioned in the neighborhood of Morningside, in Durban, SA. It is a constituent of the Baptist Union of Southern Africa.

Amongst the British Pioneers of 1820 was a little association of Baptists, who founded the earliest Baptist Church in SA, in Salem (on an average 25 kilometers (16 mi) away from Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape). In the year 1904, the Church was established in Durban by the Bulwer Road Baptist and Durban Central Churches for ministering “the Stamford Hill region”, what is now the neighborhood of Morningside. In the meantime of the 1950s and 1960s, the Lambert Road Baptist church had a Sunday school for all age people of 200, and an important young adult preaching.

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10. Cathedral of the Holy Nativity, Pietermaritzburg

Church outside view

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This Cathedral is the hometown of the Anglican Diocese of Natal in the KwaZulu-Natal administrative division. It is the ecclesiastical place of the Bishop of Natal. The church is positioned in Langalibalele Street.

The structure of the cathedral accompanied the association of two town parishes in which Philip Russell was the bishop, which is from 1974 to 1981. Succeeding in translating the Cape Town as a priest, Russell passed back to sanctify the cathedral on November 22, 1981.

The modern structure is stylish in design and is not cosmically loved.


Written by Mathew

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