Choosing The Perfect Highlighter For Your Skin Type

Whether you want a highlighter to give you that subtle glow or one to give you that mirror-like shine to be spotted from the moon, we’re always in search of the perfect one. 

Highlights can help brighten up your face or give your complexion that youthful dewy luminous look most of us desire. 

Sometimes we love our highlighters so much that we can’t stop applying it, go completely overboard and end up looking like a mirrorball. Yes, we’ve all been there. 

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With the number of highlighters on the market right now you’ll find yourself spending more time at the cosmetic counters than anticipated. Let’s just say that a lunch break might not be enough. 

There’s nothing worse than spending all that time finding “the one” and get home, unwrap it, liberally apply and then discover that it’s either the wrong colour or texture. 

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Like any other make-up product, there’s no one size fits all formula. 

Here’s a breakdown of different textures and shades to suit you best.


Liquids: If you’re looking for an all-over glowing luminous complexion then liquids are best. For dewy looking skin, smooth a small amount over your face before you apply foundation or mix a few drops into your foundation (avoid matt foundations) and apply with a foundation brush. 

Creams and sticks: To subtly highlight your features, shimmery sticks and creams are easy to apply and blend. What makes these options more appealing is the fact that you can use your fingertips to apply it. No brushes or tricky techniques required. Which makes it the ideal formula for beginners. 

Powder: If you’re serious about getting your highlighter just right and looking for an intense glow (shine) or strobe-like effect then a powder highlighter is your best option. Working with powder requires a few brush skills to achieve the desired look with perfection.


Light Skin: Silver or lilac toned highlighter help to brighten a pale complexion.
Light to Medium Skin: Peach or rose gold tones are great for light to medium skin tones. These warm tones create a glowing effect.

Medium to Olive Skin: Stay away from silvery or cool-toned and look out for warm pink/peach as well as warm champagnes.

Olive to Dark Skin: Darker skin needs warm highlighters otherwise the skin looks grey and ashy. 


Revolution Liquid Highlighter (Starlight) – R149.95

Stila Heaven’s Hue Highlighter (Transcendence) – R610

Sir John x WBeauty Illuminating Stick – R180

Glamglow GlowPowder Glow Palette – R650

WBeauty Illuminating Drops (Bronze) – R180


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