Chilling Details Of Jayde Panayiotou’s Killing

Jayde Panayiotou’s alleged killer went to a popular fried chicken fastfood outlet for supper after being paid for shooting her dead.

This, and other chilling details of the meticulous planning that went into plotting the Uitenhage teacher’s murder last year, were revealed in an indictment served on her husband, Christopher, 30, and his co-accused yesterday.

The Port Elizabeth Magistrate’s Court also heard that Panayiotou would make a third attempt for bail – this time based on new facts.

According to the indictment, the alleged killers circled the home of Jayde’s friend and colleague, Cherise Swanepoel, Jayde’s route to work and the Port Elizabeth townhouse complex where she lived with her husband – the alleged mastermind behind her cold-blooded killing – before her abduction and murder.

As the matter was finally transferred to the Port Elizabeth High Court yesterday for trial, more than a year after Jayde’s death on April 21 last year, it emerged that the alleged killers had battled to trace her in the days leading up to the murder.

They eventually abandoned Panayiotou’s alleged plan to shoot her en route to Riebeek College with Swanepoel.

Instead, Sizwezakhe Vumazonke, 36, and Sinethemba Nemembe, 28, shoved Jayde into their rental car and drove to an open field in Kwa-Nobuhle near Uitenhage, where she was shot three times, the prosecution alleges.

After they had been paid, Vumazonke and self-confessed middleman Luthando Siyoni went to the KFC in Kwazakhele for supper.

The trial has been set down for October 3 to December 2.

The prosecution also revealed its list of 48 witnesses, including Panayiotou’s mistress, Chanelle Coutts, her best friend, Clarissa Kapp, and members of Jayde’s family.

Panayiotou, Vumazonke and Nemembe face charges of murder, conspiracy to commit murder, robbery with aggravating circumstances, kidnapping and unlawful possession of a firearm and ammunition.

Panayiotou faces an additional charge of defeating the ends of justice after he allegedly encouraged Siyoni to flee Port Elizabeth. Siyoni has since turned state witness. The prosecution said it would ask for life sentences should the men be convicted. The indictment also revealed how:

Panayiotou allegedly suggested Vumazonke shoot Jayde while she drove to school with Swanepoel, even giving out details of Swanepoel’s car and residential address;

Panayiotou allegedly put so much pressure on Siyoni to find a hitman that he eventually contacted Vumazonke via Facebook;

The alleged hitmen traced Jayde’s route to Riebeek College in Uitenhage, where they circled the school; and

They abandoned their plan to kill Jayde on April 15 last year because they could not trace her.

According to the prosecution, shortly after employing Siyoni as a bouncer at Infinity Cocktail Lounge in September 2014, Panayiotou allegedly asked him if he could source a person to kill someone on his behalf.

“Over the next few months, Siyoni approached a number of people, including Vumazonke, to commit the murder,” the indictment reads.

“Nothing, however, materialised.” Prior to the December 2014 school holidays, Panayiotou allegedly told Siyoni that the person he wanted killed was his wife.

“He said he wanted it done before the holidays,” the prosecution alleges.

“On December 2 2014, Siyoni met Vumazonke and took him to the Stellen Glen complex in Deacon Road [Kabega Park] to show him where [the Panayiotous] lived.

“After being shown the complex Vumazonke disappeared.”

Panayiotou allegedly became more desperate to have Jayde killed and started putting pressure on Siyoni.

On April 1 last year, Siyoni reached out to Vumazonke on Facebook.

He then allegedly informed him that he would be paid R40 000 for the murder, which was later increased to R80 000.

On April 4, Vumazonke approached Nemembe to assist.

It was allegedly agreed that the murder would take place on April 5, after Jayde had been to Infinity, a visit which did not materialise.

The prosecution alleges that Panayiotou then allegedly suggested to Siyoni that another way to kill Jayde would be to wait for her at Swanepoel’s house, follow their vehicle and then shoot her.

“Panayiotou gave him the details of Swanepoel’s car and her address,” the indictment reads.

“Panayiotou was asked to contribute cash for Vumazonke to rent a vehicle.

“On April 7, he travelled to Siyoni’s home, where he gave him money for the rental of a Toyota Etios.”

On the morning of April 15, when the alleged hit was due to take place, Vumazonke and Nemembe drove around for 20 minutes looking for Jayde, but could not find her.

On April 21, they tried again. This time, she was spotted waiting outside the complex.

In previous court documents, Luthando Siyoni’s surname was erroneously spelt as Siyoli. It has been corrected in the indictment.


Source: Herald Live


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