Chief Justice Mogoeng’s Annual Salary Increased To R2.82m

Mogoeng Mogoeng

According to a notice published in the Government Gazette on December 8 this year‚ President Jacob Zuma increased Mogoeng’s salary from R226‚399 per month (R2.71-million per year) to R235.455 (R2.82-million per year).

The increases extend to judges across the board and are backdated to April 1 this year. The Independent Commission for Remuneration of Public Office Bearers also recommended these increases for ministers‚ deputy ministers and MPs.

Deputy Chief Justice Ray Zondo and the President of the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) will now earn R211‚904 per month (R2.54-million per year).

The SCA Deputy President will earn R200‚136 per month (R2.4-million per year).

Constitutional Court and SCA judges will earn R188‚367 per month (R2.26-million per year).

High and Labour Court judges will earn R153‚047 per month (R.1.83-million per year).

Zuma’s salary increased from about R2.8 million to almost R3 million.

The increases have been criticised by labour unions which encouraged government leaders to exercise the same austerity measures they advocate by declining wage hikes in light of the country’s dire economic difficulties.


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