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Checkout Top 10 Events that Changed the World

The Renaissance

This article will talk about top 10 events that changed the world. It is said that there must be continuous changes in the world which will indirectly bring some changes in the living standards and situations of the places. Change is the second name of the world which cannot be avoided and is compulsory. History is full of events which have changed the world and will change in future as well. A person now cannot imagine a single day without a mobile phone that is called changed which came and became the most important part of a person`s life. There were also many battles and attacks which have changed the living pattern of people. Changes in the world occur in both direction some of them can be positive for the society while some are negative as well but are compulsory to be adopted by the people as without them they cannot survive in the world. There are many examples of events which proved to be changing a situation in the world, but here we will only include the top 10 best ones who have brought change in major form.
The following are top 10 events that affect the world completely and brought major changes in the world:

10. 9/11 World Trade Centre Attacks:

List of Top Ten Events that Changed the WorldIt is said that this event was done by the terrorists who have hijacked 4 planes to cause major destruction in New York on 11 September. It changed the earth as the global war on terrorism was started, and different nations were targeted in that. As a whole, the responsibility for this event was totally brought on Muslims, and different restrictions were implemented on them. This event also caused major financial loss to the globe biggest economy of USA due to which stock markets there were closed for 6 days. Still in USA, people have harsh feelings for the Muslims and are against them.

9. Birth of Christianity:

Top Ten Events that Changed the WorldChristianity is the religion which has strong roots in the Jewish culture and has changed the globe in different ways. It has made the people literate and work for the welfare of the people. It has also brought different revolutions in the globe and its followers follow their own book called Bible. It is the only book which is followed by them and is the authority of Roman Catholic Church and is also called the best book ever written in the world by their leaders.

8. The Reformation:

Top Ten great Events that Changed the WorldThe Reformation is basically the publishing of 95 theses written by Martin Luther which were constantly practiced by the Roman Catholic Church. Most of the people in 16th century were literate than their elders that is the reason the Major European movement was started. All the reformers started to move towards America and were the decentralization of the Roman Catholic Church. All the ancient believes were then discouraged and people started to follow the scientific approaches which were not possible without any reformation.

7. Medical Revolution:

Top 10 Best Events that Changed the WorldNow no one in the world can imagine a life without doctors and treatment, and it is quite scary. First treatment on the earth was started with the invention of Penicillin, which has saved many lives and water purifiers as well. Then after that, vaccinations have also brought a major change in the health and life of people. A medical revolution is the most important one without which the world cannot progress, and it has also enhanced the expected life period of the people.

6. Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria:

Top 10 Events that Changed the WorldIt is the story of First World War which occurred in 1914. It was the event when Austria decided to war on Serbia so invited the war and changed the globe with it. It was first time people in war lethal weapons were used which also includes chemical weapons and killed 9 million people which were quite shocking. The whole empire of countries like Austria and Russia was collapsed then which lead to the Second World War and revolution as well.

5. The Renaissance:

Top Five Events that Changed the WorldThe Renaissance is the event which has given major personalities to the earth like Da Vinci, Picasso and many others. It was an age which gave birth to a culture of Europe. After that Vasco Da Gama and Columbus also changed the world map. It was a major cultural change which made Europe a much culturally strong place and architecturally as well in the whole world which can be still seen.

4. Invasion of Poland by Germany:

Top 5 Events that Changed the WorldAgain here comes a historical event which has changed the world. It is when Hiroshima was bombed which was followed by WW II. Then Germany was divided into west and east. It has changed the thinking of the whole world. It is the event which occurred in 1939, but its effects and severity cannot be forgotten. It has also changed the world politics in the coming year.

3. The Industrial Revolution:

Top Three Events that Changed the WorldNow everyone thinks that offices are equipped with all the office material from a start, but that is not true. It was started in 1760 and from England. It was a perfect explosion of new technological inventions, and all new ideas were based on different logics and reasons. The industrial revolution was then revolved in all parts of Europe. It is the reason latest technology is seen in the globe and world is further progressing towards success.

2. Boston Tea Party:

Top 3 Events that Changed the WorldBoston Tea Party is the event on which everything important happened without coffee. America is the first nation which has opposed their monarchy and was the reason for war against England and America. It was started in 1773 which were not free, but all major colonies were not far too followed in it.

1. The Birth of Muhammad (S.A.W):

Best Event that Changed the WorldThe Birth of Prophet Muhammad is the most important event that gave birth to the religion called Islam. He was born in 570 A.D but still followed by the people especially his ummah. Prophet Muhammad was the founder of this religion and most influential in the whole world. He was a pure person of love and full of knowledge which has further lead to different discoveries of which people were totally unaware and some science concepts as well. Prophet Muhammad is the biggest blessing of God for the Muslims.

Events that Changed the World – List of Top Ten

Sr.No. Names
1 Boston Tea Party
2 The Industrial Revolution
3 Invasion of Poland by Germany
4 The Renaissance
5 Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria
6 Medical Revolution
7 The Reformation
8 Birth of Christianity
9 The Birth of Muhammad
10 9/11 World Trade Centre Attacks


The World is full of changes, and different events are the main reason for bringing change in the world in different directions. All these events have occurred due to different reasons and have brought major changes in the world without which no progress in the world is possible. Some of them are quite important if not present it will be a quite bad situation for the whole world especially human beings like the medical revolution.


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