Checkout Top 10 Creepiest Jobs in South Africa


In a few vocations you will require a more grounded stomach than in others. On the off chance that you are searching for another vocation way and you are not up for your average office work where the scariest thing is that obscure nourishment decaying in the ice chest, these frightening occupations may be the ones you are searching for.
1.       Gravedigger
Are you sick of modern technology and looking for a job outside in the fresh air? Do you dream of a job without any educational requirement, yet with a never ending list of new clients and thus high job-certainty? Maybe a career as a gravedigger isn’t so bad after all! Except for the fact that your whole clientele is dead… At least let’s hope they are!

2.       Forensic entomologist (analyses bugs in dead bodies)
To pursue a career as a forensic entomologist you must love the creepy and the crawly. While a normal entomologist studies all kinds of insects every single day, a forensic entomologist takes it a step further and analyses bug activity in corpses as a way of providing evidence in crime-related cases. If you’re into searching for beetles, flies, and maggots within a dead human body, this job might be right for you.

3.       Road kill removal specialist
Living in a country with a lot of wild life unfortunately means there is the possibility of road-kill. To prevent potential accidents happening because of an animal corpse on the road, a road kill removal specialist will remove the dead animal carcasses and clean up the asphalt. Since you never hear about someone seeing another cleaning up the road mess, you can believe that it happens when everyone else is sleeping. In other words, the job of removing animal remains in the middle of the night definitely deserves a spot in this top 10.

4.       Arachnologist

An arachnologist is a biologist who specialises in studying spiders of all kinds, shapes and sizes. Playing with spiders all day can have some upsides like using the findings to help the ecosystem and use the spiders to control crop-threatening insect populations. But mainly, interacting with spiders all day every day makes the hair on many people’s necks stand on end.

(Did you just get itchy? Because I sure did…)

5.       Forensic scientist
Don’t you just love series like CSI or NCIS, where even the most complicated crimes are solved? What often isn’t shown is the forensic scientists who collect physical evidence at the crime scene, and analyse every little piece of flesh in laboratories afterwards. In real life, these scenes are more often accidents than murders, but the work of gathering every little piece of human remains stays pretty gruesome nevertheless. If you’re looking forward to dissecting bloody fingers, dead skin, and any of the 306 bones on a daily basis, then this job will fulfill your dreams.

6.       Crime scene cleaner

If you thought being a forensic scientist was bad, try being a crime scene cleaner. Once the evidence is collected and crime scene photos are taken, crime scene cleaners are left to do the dirty work. After everyone else left the scene, they swoop in to get down and dirty with various bio-hazards such as blood spatters and brain tissue. Even when the scene doesn’t involve human remains, they might have to clean up chemicals from places like meth labs. If you find your office cleaning job a little dull, maybe a career shift into crime scene cleaning will help you fight the boredom.

7.       Blood technician
A haemodialysis technician, a.k.a. a blood technician, dabbles with blood all day. If that’s something you can overlook, you can be humanities’ next super hero. By analysing blood you help fight numerous diseases and discover the tiniest warning signs that can save people’s lives.

8.       Taxidermist
Whether it’s for sources of study, musea, businesses catering to hunters and fishermen, or for hunting trophies or the preservation of a beloved pet, a taxidermist finds pleasure in bringing a dead animal back to life for display.

9.       Police diver
Looking for evidence as a policeman isn’t always the easiest job. Criminals can be very inventive when it comes to hiding bodies, murder weapons, wrecks, stolen property or explosives for example. Police divers are the brave men who dive into cold, dark and often polluted waters like lakes, rivers, canals but also sewers and cesspits to carry out underwater searches for these items.

10.     Clinical trial subject

Testing new drugs can seem like a very quick way to make a lot of money. You sign up, take the pills, do a couple of tests, and head home with the cash. The creepy part is that the outcome of the test cannot be predicted. Nobody knows how your body will react to the taken substance. You might unknowingly be allergic or the treatment could cause serious medical harm to people with certain blood types or conditions. Willingly risking your life in this Russian roulette is kind of creepy – and possibly deadly.


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