Checkout Items That Make Life Easier for Busy People


Busy and short of time? Help’s available – via every day objects that can save time, money and prevent chaos.

Below we look at seven such things that can help.

A kitchen blender

Many of us don’t have the time to cook healthy meals, especially when it comes to breakfast. A good blender can help you pull together healthy, fresh smoothies, juices and dips in no time – while also ensuring you get plenty of essential nutrients and vitamins.

A slow cooker

Who feels like cooking after a long day at work? But then nobody wants to fall into the pattern of ordering unhealthy and expensive takeaway food. Great, easy home-cooked meals are possible with slow cookers, like that provided by a major retailer like Spotlight. Having a slow cooker in the home means you can simply add the ingredients in the morning and let it cook over the course of the day. Once you’re back home, you’ve got a healthy meal ready to go.

A to-do list

If we had to choose one must-have tool, it would be a To Do list , where you can organise your vital priorities and write your thoughts down. Regardless of whether it’s related to your work, your kids, study or something else, we all want to be on top of it and be able to see the everything that needs doing in one pad, so we can prioritise and then action things one by one.

A great laptop bag

First impressions matter, and if you need to lug a laptop around then carry it well.  A well-designed laptop bag should not only be functional – with all the right compartments and zips you need — but also keep you looking professional. Find one that keeps your laptop secure, but also has plenty of space for easy-to-reach pens, business cards, and whatever else you need during the day.

A smart phone

An excellent phone is vital, for more than taking calls – you need access to excellent apps, a great camera, note-taking tools and a recorder. Almost everything that’s accessible on your computer should be accessible on your smart phone too. Check out some great apps designed to keep you organised including those from Evernote and Dropbox. Meanwhile tryTimeful if you’re looking to find more time – it’ll connect with your existing calendars and enables you to include new appointments or even other items such as daily habits, reminding you to complete such tasks throughout the day.

An activity tracker

When you don’t have time to get to the gym, an activity tracker like a FitBit can help you reach daily exercise goals by tracking just how much movement you’re doing. Set yourself a ‘steps goal’ – such as 10,000 to 15,000 steps a day – and let your tracker keep you posted on how you’re going. Increasingly, you’ll get into the habit of finding additional pockets of time during the day to get walking.

A powerful suit or jacket

Once again, first impressions matter. Having a great suit or jacket in the wardrobe gives you an everyday go-to when it comes to preparing for a big meeting, networking event or other function.

An organiser

Even though most appointments are kept on phones or computers nowadays, a paper organiser can be a great addition to your productivity toolkit. The simple act of writing things down acts as a great reminder, and it’s much easier to scan when looking over what you have on for the week or month ahead. You don’t necessarily have to travel with this – find a desktop organiser that can live in a place you’ll see it every day at home or in the office.


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