Checkout What to Expect from Pixel, Google’s Flagship Phones

Google-Pixel Phones

Google is hosting an event tomorrow to showcase its flagship phones Pixel and Pixel XL, which come with Android 7.0 Nougat.

This is a big leap for Google and it is rumoured that the company may adopt the Pixel brand over the popular Nexus line.

The specs of the new Pixel phones, which have already leaked on the internet, show that they have little similarity with the typical Andriod phone.

Google has partnered with mobile manufacturing companies in the past to build their phones but speculations are rife that the technology company is building the Pixel and launching it to be competition for the new iPhone 7.

Here are a few things to expect from the phones.

The device is going to have Google’s newly launched applications – Google Duo, for video chat, Allo, for instant messaging, Google Assistant to always have your back, and Google photos so your memory is never full.

Google Pixel sports a 5″ FHD AMOLED (1920×1080, 441ppi) Gorilla Glass 4 display.

The Pixel XL carries an impressive 5.5″ QHD AMOLED (2560×1440, 534ppi) Gorilla Glass 4 display.

The phones are said to come in a 32gb and 64gb version.

Top tier specs include; 4gb RAM, 2.15GHz Snapdragon 821 (quad-core, 64-bit), fingerprint scanner, 12mp rear camera and 8mp front camera, and supports fast charging


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