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Checkout AKA Responds To The ‘Beyonce’ Diss Track

AKA left the hood a mess on Friday when he dropped his latest single Beyonce and keeping in mind that we are as yet recuperating, AKA has told the truth house and disclose to us how he feels.

The artist threw shade harder than a slay queen at Taboo when he dropped bars about his former lover not being up to scratch with lines like: “waited two years just to see you with your weave off… what that say about your character, you was f**king me while I was paying damages.”

Everyone was like…

We are still waiting for our meeting request from the Supa Mega to debrief us on the chaos, he has had a few things to say about the pandemonium.

Check out just five of his reactions that had the internet talking:

“You’d swear that I’m the first artist to write a song about a woman”
AKA was having a laugh at all the fuss being made about the track. And while he wouldn’t confirm whether he was directing his verbal missiles at Bonang Matheba, as the internet suggested, he did say it was about a woman.

“Who are these people who claim not to like me or my music?”
AKA was also attracting hate like a magnet. Not that he cared all that much. He took to Twitter to not only show how little he gave a damn but also demand the membership list of the haters club.

“Shut up wena”
AKA also hit back at suggestions that the only reason his track was getting so much attention was because people “like things”.

“Life is great”
You think that AKA is losing sleep over all the grief he has been getting? Try the man next door because he is not bothered.

It’s not lobsters but it also ain’t King Pie. We see you, Mega.

“All the people who hurt me or were against me are suffering”
AKA claimed that all the people who had caused him stress were the ones feeling the pain now after the song brought more files than a secretary.


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