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Boerewors vetkoek lollies with a tomato dip
Boerewors vetkoek lollies with a tomato dip

This week was a Heritage-filled week indeed. As everyone prepares for the braais this weekend, we made sure we had some great inspiring recipes to up the ante at your Heritage Day celebration. The influx of recipes and general hype around Heritage Day, meant that this week’s popular recipes were solely inspired by South Africa. And luckily for you, the list serves as a menu inspiration for Saturday.

The number 1 and number 2 recipes of the week, were developed by Illanique van Aswegen who out did herself with experimental South African cuisine. The first is the BBQ cauliflower nuggets, and the second boerewors vetkoek lollies, both of which are ideal starters to get your guests warmed up for the braai.

The third recipe of the week, developed by editor Tessa Purdon, is the simple Amasi and condensed milk ice cream – no churning required! The Amasi gives that lovely cultured taste that teases the sour region but keeps itself firmly in the sweet zone. Click the link below to see the video.

The rest of the recipes are easy crowd pleasers like your staple potato au gratin and peppermint crisp tart or for something different try the potato salad with a twist or the mielie bake.

Lastly the steak and mushroom braai pie, by Undomestikated, must be given a go. It is braai comfort food at its ultimate and gives the regular braai broodtjie a run for its money.

Happy braaiing!

1. BBQ cauliflower nuggets with a sour cream and chives dip


2. Boerewors vetkoek lollies with a tomato dip


3. Amasi and condensed milk ice cream

4. Creamy potato bake with caramalised onion

5. Potato salad with a twist

6. Step-by-step blue cheese garlic bread

7. Creamiest potato au gratin

potato au gratin

8. Steak and mushroom braai pie


9. Peppermint crisp tart

10. Mielie bake



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