Check Out Stunning Photos From DJ Zinhle and Brendon’s Romantic Date Night

DJ Zinhle and Brendon have been going steady for some time now and have become more and more open about their romance.

To the point of basically taking us along on dates with them.

The pair celebrated a romantic date night at the luxurious Oyster Box hotel in Durban on Monday and uploaded a series of snaps of the evening.

So, here’s a glimpse of what Zinhle and Brendon got up to on their date.

It started with a casual dinner and Zinhle teasing that Brendon didn’t want to sit with her.





When it was time to go Brendon, being the gentleman he is,  helped Zinhle tie her shoe. Chivalry is never dead.


Then it was time for the couple to head to their room, where they couldn’t help but take selfies together in the bedroom and bathroom mirrors.

We’re not sure that the couple would want us to see what happened after that. But they did wake up together to an amazing sea view.


That certainly blows our last date at McDonalds with bae out of the water.


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