Check Out The New R140 Billion City Planned For Cape Town

Plans are in place for a new city on the outskirts of Cape Town to start development in the next three years.

The city, called Wescape, will be located 25kms from Cape Town’s city centre, and aims to be a major economic development project that will create 300,000 jobs in the province.

When completed, the new city will be home to 800,000 people in the Western Cape, with 200,000 homes, 400 schools, a university, and 90 community facilities.

The development was first proposed in 2012, and recieved approval from the Western Cape government in 2013.

Wescape Locality

Wescape Size

According to the project runners, no set budget has been pinned down for the development, but reports in 2014 put the price at R140 billion.

The entire project will be privately funded, but developers, CommuniTgrow, are currently in the process of preparing an environmental impact assessment and securing finance.

According to the group, construction on the project could start as soon as 2017, though more realistically in 2019 or 2020.

Below you will find the concept video for the development, as well as some of the concept images of what it could look like.

Wecape Business ConceptWecape Hospital conceptWescame HD living conceptWescape MD community conceptWescape Neighbourhood conceptWescape shopping conceptWescape university concept


Source: Business Tech

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