Check Out These African Countries With The Most Respected Passports

The assessment of how powerful your passport is not measured along the lines of its beauty or its status (regular or diplomatic). In fact, the world’s most powerful passports have been declared “powerful” mainly due to their capacity for visa-free entries.

But aside Seychelles, what are the other most powerful African passports? Find out in the following list.

1. Seychelles passports ranked 31 out of 104 countries. Seychelles passports holders have the freedom to visit 116 counties with visa-free access.

2. South Africa passports followed second, having ranked 54 out of 104 countries with visa-free access to 90 countries across the world, including several in Africa.


3. Botswana passports came in 66 out of 104 countries worldwide, making it Africa’s third most powerful passport. Botswana passports are issued by the Passport Division of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship to citizens of Botswana mainly for international travel.

4. Namibia passports ranked 68 out of 104 countries, making it the 4th most powerful passport in Africa. Passport-bearing Namibians have visa-free access to 61 countries, including Barbados, Dominica and Montserrat for half a year and Vanuatu and Niue for 30 days.

5. Kenya passports somehow made it as the fifth most powerful in Africa, having ranked 70 out of 104 countries in the latest ranking. On May 1st 2015, the Immigration Department of Kenya introduced new rules for citizens who wish to apply, replace or renew their passport, with an online application being the major means of applications.

6. Gambia passports tied with the likes of Malawi and Swaziland, which makes all three passports the sixth most powerful in Africa with no visa required in the entry of 69 countries.

7. Ghana passports turned out to be the seventh most powerful passports in Africa, ranking 73 out of 104 countries by the 2016 Henley and Partners Visa Restrictions Index. The West African nation recently expressed interest in pushing for a visa on entry policy for all Africa as part of efforts to ease the flow of trade between the state and other African states.

8. Zambia follows closely with a ranking of 74 out of 104 passports across the world, thus making this passport the 8th most powerful passport in Africa. It currently grants access to 61 visa-free destinations to all eligible passport-holding citizens.

9. Cape Verde passports pulled through, becoming the 76th highest ranking passport in the world, ahead of Indonesia and even China! As of 2015, the African state had visa-free or visa on arrival access to 56 countries.

10. Uganda rounds out the list with the 10th most powerful African passport. Having chalked 77 on the world ranking index. In 2015, Ugandan citizens had visa-free or visa on arrival access to 61 countries and territories.


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