Chance The Rapper Celebrates His 25th Birthday With Fans

HBD to Chance the Rapper who is praising his 25th birthday celebration today!

In the event that you missed it, the American artist will hit our shores not long from now when he features The Castle Lite Unlocks Concert.

As part of his birthday celebrations, Chance and Castle Lite have come up with a pretty fun way of celebrating the rapper’s first foray into the country, by offering 25% off tickets for 25 hours.

The Ultralight Beam singer celebrated the weekend leading up to his birthday with a cameo appearance on stage with rapper Cardi B when he joined her on stage at music festival Coachella.

Either than enjoying the spotlight on stage, Chance was also blown away by the headlining act, Beyonce, whom he described as “the greatest entertainer to ever live”.

The young rapper seems set for a week of partying as he announced a number of celebrations in the States, including in his hometown of Chicago.

Chance, who is known for his philanthropy in his home city, will host a party where all ticket sale proceeds will go to SocialWorks –a non-profit organization founded by the rapper.

The organisation aims to empower youth through the arts, education, and civic engagement.


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