Cervical Cancer: Top 3 Foods That Help Prevent Deadly Disease

Your food choices may help protect you against cervical cancer. Here are top 3 foods that help to prevent cervical cancer:

1. Foods rich in folate

This B vitamin may reduce risk in women with Human Papilloma Virus, a major cause of cervical cancer.

Foods rich in folate include:

Dark leafy greens


2. Food rich in beta-carotene

Studies suggest this yellow-orange pigment may help prevent growth of abnormal cells. You’ll find it in carrots, peaches and squash.



3. Foods rich in vitamin C

This antioxidant has been shown to reduce risk of invasive cervical cancer. Oranges, lemons, and tangerines are super C choices.

Diet is important, but it’s only part of the solution. Remember to get screened, quit smoking and practice abstinence if not married, be faithful to your spouse if married.


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