Cervical Cancer: Top 3 Foods That Help Prevent Deadly Disease

Your food choices may help protect you against cervical cancer. Here are top 3 foods that help to prevent cervical cancer:

1. Foods rich in folate

This B vitamin may reduce risk in women with Human Papilloma Virus, a major cause of cervical cancer.

Foods rich in folate include:

Dark leafy greens


2. Food rich in beta-carotene

Studies suggest this yellow-orange pigment may help prevent growth of abnormal cells. You’ll find it in carrots, peaches and squash.



3. Foods rich in vitamin C

This antioxidant has been shown to reduce risk of invasive cervical cancer. Oranges, lemons, and tangerines are super C choices.

Diet is important, but it’s only part of the solution. Remember to get screened, quit smoking and practice abstinence if not married, be faithful to your spouse if married.


Written by How South Africa

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