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These Celebrities Have Been Termed Stark Racists In South Africa

As South African citizens we all entitled to express ourselves whichever way we please, it’s part of our rights. Even though we have those rights, there are limitations, as much as we can express ourselves, nothing we do or say should offend or affect another citizen negatively.

Now, after years of apartheid and few years of freedom it seems racism will always be an issue in South Africa.

Here is the list of 5 celebrities that have been accused of being racist in the past.


1. Helen Zille – A Politician that is a former leader of the political party Democratic Alliance. It has been that she has tried to appear as welcoming and accepting but the comments on social media have led people to accuse her of an undercover racist.

2.Jo-Ann Strauss

Former Miss SA, Model and T.V Presenter. Strauss is one of the celebrities that was caught in the midst of Penny Sparrow’s saga. She stated comments that made people think of her racist. She tried to remedy the situation by quoting one of the African proverbs about letting things be and moving on.


3.Gareth Cliff

Now, this one got really famous , Cliff an SA idols judge and Radio personality made comments about Penny Sparrow statement that rather appeared racist. He said that it was within Sparrow’s power to practise her right of expression as a citizen. That made him lose his job which in a matter of days he reclaimed after taking the network to court.



4.Pearl Thusi

Presenter,Actress,Model and businesswoman was accused by a 74 year old woman whose car she hit in traffic. The lady said Pearl response towards her was racist. Pearl admitted and apologised on radio.


5.Die Antwoord

South African musical band, this band was accused of being racists when they released a music video ‘Fatty Boom Boom’ , they dressed up in black face. A large number of people weren’t so happy about that.



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