‘Catching Feelings’ Feat. Pearl Thusi & Kagiso Lediga Arrives This Week To The Cinemas (Trailer)

Local film ‘Catching Feelings’ will debut this week in local cinemas.
This is a romantic comedy which stars Pearl Thusi, Kagiso Lediga, Akin Omotoso and more local stars.

Written and directed by Kagiso Lediga, the film will debut at Ster-kinekor cinemas on Friday, 09 March 2018.

The film follows an urbane young academic and his beautiful wife, as their lives get turned upside down when a celebrated and hedonistic older writer moves into their Johannesburg home with them.

Max Matshane is a 34-year old author who wrote a South African bestseller in his 20’s, but his star is now on the wane and he teaches creative writing at the local University. Max lives in a leafy Johannesburg suburb with his beautiful wife Sam and they seem to be in need of some excitement. Sam feels that they have become too suburban and “safe” while Max is constantly lamenting the state of existence… especially his existence in Johannesburg.

That winter a very successful and flamboyant older writer, Heiner Miller, comes to do a residency at the University in Max’ department. Heiner is a hedonist in the truest sense – as soon as he arrives he gets involved in a string of sexual escapades and alcohol and drink induced late night parties, which ultimately leads to a mild heart attack. This forces Max to bring Heiner into his own house to recuperate. But tensions rise, as Heiner seems to continue with his ways under Max and Sam’s roof. Will Heiner keep his hands off Max’ wife? And most importantly, Will Max and Sam’s marriage survive Heiner?


Here’s the trailer to get you started:

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