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Cassper Nyovest is in Love With Himself and Fans Share the Sentiment

Cassper Nyovest shared another self-love tweet, and this time his fans were feeling it. Instead of hate, the rapper received lots of love and compliments. Cassper has been hitting the gym with strong devotion, and it shows.

Cassper Nyovest is often getting a lot of negative vibes on social media. In fact, it got so bad that the rapper had to use anxiety medication to deal with it all.

However, that does not stop him from saying what he wants, and he took to Twitter to tell his fans just how much he likes himself.

He said he looks forward to every mirror he will walk past and that he’s in love with himself.

Mufasa’s fans showered him with compliments and his haters were unusually quiet. Maybe they know they can’t argue with the man – he’s looking awesome.

He has been hitting the gym and working super hard.


Cassper has been spending a lot of time in the gym – and inspired us along the way – and it’s showing.

Rock hard abs are what he’s got to show for his hard work. took a look at what some of Cassper’s fans had to say:


And does work for you Mufasa..even Tumi Seeco was feeling proud.


Your commitment to what you set your mind to is truly admirable cass. It’s all conspicuous through your career and fitness journey. Keep it going bru


Im in love with you too @casspernyovest you look amazing


GQ man of the year loading….


I look up to you.. I’m hitting the gym too and I’m soon gonna be like you


now thats motivation ….dankie brov!!



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