Cassper Nyovest Explains Why He Gave AKA The Response #JustBuyATicketBro

With only three days left to Cassper Nyovest’s dream to #FillUpFNBStadium, the rapper has come out to clarify why he declined AKA’s offer to “help” him fill up the stadium.

Mzansi came to a standstill when AKA took to Twitter to offer to perform at Cassper’s concert earlier this month.

Cassper responded to AKA’s offer by telling him to #JustBuyATicketBroer. During an interview, Cassper explained the reason for his response.

“Here’s my thing. Me and AKA have had our fair share of fights and I took a conscious decision two years ago to avoid that topic or name.

Because I felt like it’s over now, its boring. Everytime I do something his name has to come up, so I was like, ‘I’m over that’ and I moved on. Then he comes along, a few days before the show, and says whatever he says and adds that I need to give him a million rand to come and perform at the show… first of all I never asked you to come and perform.”

The rapper said he didn’t want to take the spotlight away from artists, who supported him from day one for a person who once said it was impossible and mocked him.

Cassper added that if AKA was genuine in his request to help, he must just buy a ticket as that is the only aspect of the show that they are struggling with.

The rapper’s attempt to host the biggest hip-hop concert in South Africa if FNB Stadium is filled to capacity is set to take place this Saturday (December 2).

The Doc Shebeleza hitmaker also said that there were multiple ways rappers could support each other, but a collaboration between him and AKA was “unnecessary” because their relationship was “not genuine”.

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